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June 18, 2018

Despite Momentum: It’s Prime Time to Sell Your MELBOURNE House!

As with any momentous decision, settling on when to sell your Melbourne house can take time—and even then, acting on the decision can be slowed by extraneous factors. Who doesn’t have local obligations to deal with and Melbourne friends and neighbors who’ll need to be reassured that your relationship isn’t going to be irredeemably severed? Acting on a decision to sell your Melbourne house can seem to be the real estate equivalent of moving an ocean liner with a single tugboat: very slow going.

  Even so, there are persuasive reasons why you might want to move the process along more quickly than momentum would dictate. Recently some of those reasons were laid out in Realtor, the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors®. It’s considered an indispensable resource for us in the residential real estate profession; its research has long proved to be highly reliable.

Although the nominal subject matter was “Why Buyers May Lose If They Don’t Act Now,” the findings were even more relevant for Melbourne homeowners who’ve decided to sell. The central causative factor was projected interest rate hikes. Surveys indicated the result would be a gradual impetus forcing home buyers to settle for smaller, less expensive homes. On point was one mortgage broker, who put it simply. “Every time the interest rates go up,” he said, “you eliminate a group of people who can no longer afford to buy a house.”

For future sellers, the message is clear. If you know that will you be selling your Melbourne house but suspect that the pool of eligible buyers could be slowly self-eliminating, that’s a pretty good reason to decide to act sooner rather than later. Add in the general finding that across the U.S., the heaviest selling months are May through August (they account for 40% of the year’s average volume), and the reasons you’d want to list soon are persuasive.

Summer is synonymous with bright sunlight and more free time—which are also reasons why we are entering a great time to sell your Melbourne house. My job is to make the whole process—from listing to closing—as expeditious (and obstacle-free) as possible.

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May 29, 2018

Space Coast Property Value


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May 16, 2018

An Important Factor in Getting Your House SOLD!

So, you’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve hired a real estate professional to help you through the entire process, and they have asked you what level of access you want to provide to your potential buyers.

There are four elements to a quality listing. At the top of the list is Access, followed by Condition, Financing, and Price. There are many levels of access that you can provide to your agent so that he or she can show your home.

Here are five levels of access that you can give to buyers, along with a brief description:

  1. Lockbox on the Door – this allows buyers the ability to see the home as soon as they are aware of the listing, or at their convenience.
  2. Providing a Key to the Home – although the buyer’s agent may need to stop by an office to pick up the key, there is little delay in being able to show the home.
  3. Open Access with a Phone Call – the seller allows showings with just a phone call’s notice.
  4. By Appointment Only (example: 48-Hour Notice) – Many buyers who are relocating for a new career or promotion start working in that area prior to purchasing their home. They often like to take advantage of free time during business hours (such as their lunch break) to view potential homes. Because of this, they may not be able to plan their availability far in advance or may be unable to wait 48 hours to see the house.
  5. Limited Access (example: the home is only available on Mondays or Tuesdays at 2pm or for only a couple of hours a day) – This is the most difficult way to be able to show your house to potential buyers.

With May proving to be the best month to sell your home, access can make or break your ability to get the price you are looking for, or even sell your house at all.


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May 8, 2018

5 Affordable Tips To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal


When you buy a new home, it’s easy to take the fresh, clean feel for granted. Over time, even the most conscientious homeowners can lose ground on their home’s curb appeal. Make your home shine with these five tips.

Rent a pressure washer - Dirt, mildew, and grime will inevitably accumulate on your house, porch, driveway, walkways, and fences over time. Rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store and spray down these surfaces. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Wash the windows - It’s easy to overlook the fingerprints and smudges on your windows. However, pulling out the window cleaner can make a huge difference both inside and outside the house, especially if it’s been a while since you last cleaned the windows.

Edge the lawn - If you’re looking for a cheap, easy way to make a big impact, this is it. Edging helps separate your lawn from your other plants, landscaping, and walkways, giving your yard a crisp, clean feel.

Add mulch - Adding mulch to your plant beds and around your trees doesn’t just make them look great. It also helps block weeds and protects your plants from drought and frost.

Spruce up the doorway - Make your entryway more inviting by adding a bold, new door-knob, an elegant knocker, or a fresh coat of paint. Get a great door mat and a couple inviting statement pieces and your home is sure to wow visitors and make you feel at home!


May 8, 2018

How To Save For A Down Payment

How To Save For A Down Payment

It’s time to start saving for your down payment. Make your start with these tips!

Determine how much you need.
Before determining what your down payment should be, you have to figure out how much you can afford to pay for a house. Most professionals recommend a down payment equal to 20% of your home’s cost and a monthly mortgage payment of no more than 25% of your monthly income. Use a mortgage calculator to set a budget and down payment goal.

Find places to save.
The more money you can set aside for your down payment, the faster you’ll reach your goal. Instead of keeping your down payment money in a traditional savings account, look into accounts that offer higher interest rates, such as a high-yield savings account, certificate of deposit (CD), or a money market account. Accounts like these allow you to save faster without contributing more. Investments are another way to reach your goal. Just be aware that the higher the return, the higher the risk, and you may end up losing money in the process.

Speak with a financial advisor.
The internet has a lot of information; however, finding information that applies to your exact situation can be hard. Instead, talk to a financial advisor. Financial advisors can help you establish a budget, find opportunities to cut back on your expenses, and save money. They can also help you budget for new expenses, evaluate your mortgage options, and set a practical housing budget when the time comes to buy your home.

Set a date.
Once your plan is in place, you should be able to get an idea of how long it will take you to reach your down payment goal. Figure out how much money you will need to save each year, week, or paycheck to ensure you’re left with a comfortable amount to live on. Once you confirm, set a specific date for when your down payment will be ready. Then you can start looking for a home.



May 7, 2018

Homes are Selling Fast!

50% of Homes Sold in 30 Days in March 

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Some Highlights:

  • The National Association of REALTORS® recently surveyed their members for their Confidence Index.
  • The REALTORS® Confidence Index is a key indicator of housing market strength based on a monthly survey sent to over 50,000 real estate practitioners. Practitioners are asked about their expectations for home sales, prices and market conditions.
  • Homes sold in less than 60 days in 35 out of 50 states and Washington D.C.
  • Homes typically went under contract in 30 days in March

However, with SILVIA MOZER the picture is different here in the SPACE COAST (Brevard County), FL. Her listings sell much faster and on or above listed price! 

Just take a look at her sales: #SILVIAMOZERSELLS BREVARD

April 30, 2018

Silvia Mozer Sells Brevard



April 28, 2018

Existing Home Sales Grow Despite Low Inventory

Some Highlights:

  • According to the latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors, sales grew 1.1% in March to an annual pace of 5.60 million.
  • This is the strongest pace since November of 2017.
  • Inventory levels dropped year-over-year for the 34th consecutive month and are now 7.2% lower than March 2017 levels, representing a 3.6-month supply.


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March 6, 2017

Living in Luxury

Brevard County is a diverse and exciting place to live. Moments away from gorgeous beaches, historic city centers and untouched nature preserves it’s no wonder millions of people call Brevard County home. There is so much this beautiful area has to offer to tourists and residents alike. The weather is amazing and outdoor activities can be enjoyed yearlong. Once you see your first sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, you will never want to leave.

Brevard is full of close knit communities where it’s residents make you feel at home, as if you were family. No matter what you interests or beliefs, Brevard has a home for you. An investment in Brevard County is an investment in you and your family’s future happiness.

Each year the house market continues to gain value on the Space Coast. Large technology companies such as Harris and GE continue to transfer large amounts of employees to the area which helps contribute to the ever rising costs of homes here. No matter what your style – gated community, townhouse or luxury home on the water – Brevard County has the perfect option for you. It’s still a great time to buy a home here and an even better place to raise a family.

Brevard County truly has everything you could want in a place where you plan to purchase a home. Beautiful oceanfront properties, rural farm areas, fast paced cities, industry of all kind and an eclectic local charm makes the entire Space Coast a great place to live. It’s an exciting time to live here with massive expansion in infrastructure and residential development. Brevard County is already a great place to call home, especially with all the new development and opportunities.

March 6, 2017

Brevard Education


When it’s time to hit the books Brevard county is a great place for your primary or continued education.  There are plenty of public school options with 112 in Brevard County alone.  Student to teacher ratios are great  with an average of 15 to 1 so you know you child is going to get a first rate education.

The private schools are even better in Brevard.  There are currently 81 private institutions with an amazing 12 to 1 teacher to student ratio.  Private schools like Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy and the Florida Air Academy are top notch schools and prepare your children for college and the real world.

There are colleges for your continued education in Brevard as well.  Eastern Florida State College has several campuses in the area which makes it very convenient.  The Florida Institute of Technology is located in Melbourne Florida and is an amazing school for both technical positions, aviation and business degrees.  Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is now a professor at this prestigious school.